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 Welcome to Lyman Moore
, where students, families, and faculty members are working together to support and engage each member of our community.  We believe that students need to own their learning, be asked real questions that make them think about the world, and be given opportunities to act to improve their community.  Feel, think, act.  All students are asked to do these things daily on a small scale, and to work toward doing them on a much larger scale throughout their lives.

What do we plan for the coming year?  I asked our teachers to share their biggest hopes for their students this school year.  Here are a few of their responses:

Fall 2017 Responses:
"Supporting students in optimizing access to their learning and lowering the stress that can come with the transition to high school." "A positive connection with your advisor or another adult." "Students will understand and take take ownership of the math standards and what they need to do to reach the standards. " "Students will continue to feel that they are a part of the Acadia 7 community.  Continue to build on relationships and become a cohesive group by end of year." "For students to be excited and ready to learn, for them to be excited about the arts/music." "I would like students develop the grit to persevere through tasks."

Fall 2016 Responses: "To leave Moore with a sense of perseverance, to continue trying even when things get hard."

"Students grow academically, socially, and emotionally."

"They learn from their mistakes, and that it's ok to make those”

"They use their skills to make connections with their local community."

"They gain social and cultural awareness."

"Students will learn to stay prepared, look ahead, and plan for their goals and responsibilities."

I look forward to working with students, families, and faculty to grow the Moore Community in the coming year. Ben Donaldson Principal