Daily Announcements

Sun School starts Thursday June 16th at 9 am.  All recommended students are welcome to work on key Standards for Math and ELA to be ready for next year.  For more information, click here.

Bus Stops

Sun School

BUS 109

8:04 am 

STOP Ocean Ave @ Brookside Rd

8:07 am 

STOP Ocean Ave @ George St

8:15 am 

STOP Congress St @ Mountfort St

8:18 am 

STOP Congress St @ North St

8:26 am 

STOP Veranda St @ Sherwood St

8:30 am 

STOP Washington Ave @ E Kidder St

8:35 am 


8:43 am 



The Last Day of School for 8th Graders is June 13th

The Last Day of School for 6th and 7th Graders is June 14th - this is a half day and students are released at 11:50am.

7th Grade Student Input on 8th Grade House Placement

  Rising 6th Grade Family Night
Thursday June 2nd, 6-7 pm 
In-person at Moore!


Rising 6th Grade Family Input


CLICK HERE to share a Student Concern with
Mr. Donaldson, Ms. Otunnu, Mr Twhigg, Ms. LaFayette and Ms. Siegel,
your Student Support Team.


PPS Students SPEAK UP website

This site is designed to provide students, families, and staff with information and resources in order to uphold policies on harassment and discrimination. We strive to create a school district where all students and staff feel safe and welcome.

Supporting Masks Optional at Moore Advisory Slideshow
Friday March 11, 2022

nter Student-Led Conferences are Monday 2/7 and Tuesday 2/8

Students will be dismissed at 11:50 both days.

Please contact your child's Advisor to schedule a conference.


Monday January 31st is a Remote Learning Day.  This means we will learn from home while city employees work to clear snow from sidewalks so we can all safely get to school. 
Please do your best to join google meets at the times listed below to start learning with your teacher!

  • 8:20 Advisory Meets
  • 8:30 Block 1 Meets
  • 9:30 Block 2 Meets
  • 10:30 Block 3 Meets
  • 11:30 Lunch - Lunch is available at Moore and all Portland Public Schools!
  • 12 Block 4 Meets
  • 1 Block 5 Meets
  • 2 Block 6 Meets

Tuesday we will be back at school in person!

Chorus Performances from December

You've Got a Friend
Come Follow Me
Deck The Halls


Moore Missing Chargers

Starting Tuesday 11/2 ALL Moore Students are eligible for Pooled Testing. 
Click here for more information and to sign up!

School Pictures were November 8th.

We will have a retake day - Friday 1/21!

ORDER ONLINE or use the order form that was sent home with your student. If using the paper order form, please return it with your student the day of pictures.


LMMS Student/Family Handbook

Check out the LMMS School Newspaper
"Through the Falcon's Eyes"


Welcome to Lyman Moore
, where students, families and faculty members are working together to support and engage each member of our community.  We believe that students need to own their learning, be asked real questions that make them think about the world, and be given opportunities to act to improve their community.  Feel, think, act.  All students are asked to do these things daily on a small scale, and to work toward doing them on a much larger scale throughout their lives.

What do we plan for the coming year?  We start each year by asking our teachers to share their biggest hopes for their students this school year.  See their responses below.   

I look forward to working with students, families, and faculty to grow the Moore Community in the coming year. Ben Donaldson Principal

Fall 2021 Responses:
"Positive experiences feeling connected to their advisory group."
"More time for academics/delving deeper."
Heal social/emotional wounds."
Every kid feels safe, comfortable, and valued."
Each kid has positive relationships with adults and peers."
Continue the kindness and looking out for each other."
"Advocate for themselves when needed."
Maintain love of learning and have fun."
Excited to do more interactive activities in computer science that didn’t happen last year.  Want kids to be able to engage with each other."
Hope everyone feels connected."
Everyone feels comfortable transitioning to middle school and for some students transitioning back to in-person learning."
All students feel comfortable writing and sharing their ideas and thinking."

Fall 2019 Responses:
"Greater sense of belonging for students in the school community." "Feel they are here to learn and the importance of doing their work to the best of their abilities."  "Eagerness and Urgency around their own education." "Help students find pathways in their education. Help overcome roadblocks" "Students to be excited to be at Moore and to engage in all opportunities." "To cultivate respect,  and why it matters." "Want kids to recognize and own their actions." "That every student has at least 1 adult that he/she/they feel connected with to share." "Every student to be a little kinder this year-more compassion for each other." "Kids will work hard and revise their work." "Start to feel confident to advocate for themselves for what they need to be successful." "All are able to get settled and they love middle school."

Fall 2017 Responses:
"Supporting students in optimizing access to their learning and lowering the stress that can come with the transition to high school." "A positive connection with your advisor or another adult." "Students will understand and take take ownership of the math standards and what they need to do to reach the standards. " "Students will continue to feel that they are a part of the Acadia 7 community.  Continue to build on relationships and become a cohesive group by end of year." "For students to be excited and ready to learn, for them to be excited about the arts/music." "I would like students develop the grit to persevere through tasks."

Fall 2016 Responses: "To leave Moore with a sense of perseverance, to continue trying even when things get hard."

"Students grow academically, socially, and emotionally."

"They learn from their mistakes, and that it's ok to make those”

"They use their skills to make connections with their local community."

"They gain social and cultural awareness."

"Students will learn to stay prepared, look ahead, and plan for their goals and responsibilities."