MacBook Take Home

Many students and parents have asked when their MacBook's can go home to do school work.  Taking the MacBooks home requires the following:

1.  The Protection Plan must be purchased and any fees from prior years must be paid.  These records are maintained by the Lyman Moore Office and can be viewed by parents in the Infinite Campus "Fees" tab. This year the Protection Plan is $40.00** per student payable to Lyman Moore Middle School. 

2.  A parent must have attended an MLTI Parent Meeting devoted to proper use of the iPad at Home. The parent also has to indicate whether they wish their student(s) to take it home by completing the form below.
3. Macbooks must come back to school (every day) fully charged.  Macbooks may not leave the state of Maine.

4. The rules for using the MacBook at home are the same as at school:
a. You Agree to monitor your student's use and follow the school rules
1. No Games (online or downloaded)
2. No Social Media (Facebook Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, iMessage, etc)
b. The MacBooks must be fully charged come back to school (every day) fully charged. c. Damage or theft must be reported to the school promptly.  Thefts must also be reported to the police and a copy of the police report delivered to the school.

**Please pay what you can, as you can.  Once a payment is received and Take Home permission is given, Macbooks may go home.  A first payment voucher is available to those with financial hardship.

Lyman Moore is pleased to announce that the MLTI Parent Meeting on September 7th was recorded. This is a mandatory meeting/viewing for any parent that has not attended a Parent Meeting at either Lyman Moore, Lincoln or King in the last 2 school years.

Here is the video of the meeting:  I apologize in advance for walking off camera :)

A Take Home Form will also be available for download on the Forms page.