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green crabWelcome Back BaxtWeler 7!  


WANTED Posters

One of my favorite pictures from the day:
"Hello there!"

WANTED Posters (9/28/15)

This week you will research a Maine invasive species of your choice.  With the information gathered you will create a "Wanted Poster" to inform the school about your plant or animal.  More information including a product descriptor, rubric and exemplar will be posted on edmodo later in the week.   

green crab
Field Trip: Mission Green Crab (9/21/15)



  • Look for the Green Crab (Carcinus maenus) in tide pools at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth 
  • Gather evidence (photo and written) to prove that you FOUND or DID NOT FIND the green crab
  • Document the evidence on the Vital Signs data sheet

This week we will finally put our skills to the test.  Can we identify and provide evidence for the Vital Signs community?  

The Mean Green Eating Machine-Green Crabs! (9/14/15)


This week in science we will be continuing our study of invasive species focusing on the green crab.  You will be conducting a Vital Signs mission to help scientists track the spread of these invaders.  Check out this website if you’re interested in learning more:

Life Science (9/7/15)

What an amazing long weekend.  I hope you all were able beat the heat and enjoy Maine's precious summer weather.  

This week we will take a peek at what we will be learning this year in Science Class. We'll talk about classroom expectations as well as review all of our school expectations. What can we use for a classroom "SOAR" card?  Who will design it?

* Be sure to check here for the Week in Preview (WIP) and any other important information.

Welcome Back, Baxter 7!  (9/1/15)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer filled with exploration and time with family and friends.  My highlights included hanging out at the beach with my kids, family camping trips and playing with my new kitten, Zorro!

The great part about seventh grade is that we have already had one whole year to get to know each other.  The routines and procedures will remain mostly the same, however now that you're in seventh grade, there will be a few new expectations.  And of course the curriculum this year will be different. We'll be using those science skills we practiced last year but with a whole new topic.  

Some of the topics include: 
* Characteristics of Living Things
* The Kingdoms of Life
* Cell Structure and Function
* Growth and Development of Organisms
* The Dynamic Relationships of Ecosystems

I am so excited about starting a new year with all of you.  We will have a great year exploring Life Science together!

Mrs. Carlson