Spanish Language Links
Here are some important links:

Click for Spanish Quizlet Folder (This has various vocabulary by topic)

Click for

Click for Spanish (Our preferred online Spanish/English dictionary)

Click for (This is like a Rosetta Stone for kids. If students have not created an account, please do so. You need an email address to create an account. You may use your student ID # if you do not have your own email.

Click for Mi Vida Loca (This is "Mi Vida Loca" the Spanish murder mystery that has 24 interactive episodes.)

Spanish Spanish (This website has the toenail game, number scramble, funny body parts. etc) (Quia has Jeopardy [aka Challenge Board], Battleship, Hangman, Who Wants to be a Millionnairre [aka Rags to Riches], etc).

Learning Spanish Today (This is "Build a Burrito," it has not been working lately, but it is a speed game that helps with vocabulary).