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Disaster Proof Housing (1) 
A natural disaster is approaching your house. Do you feel safe? Will your house still be standing when the threat is over? What can we do to help prevent total destruction of our home?

These are the answers we are trying to address with this project. We are using Google SketchUp® to design homes that have a fighting chance when it comes to surviving a natural disaster. The students have researched different designs and materials that help with creating a home that can withstand a natural disaster. These homes will be shared with the science portfolios and is one of our cross curricular activities for the year. Google SketchUp® is a free download for the older version on any computer. Download it at home and share your work with everyone at home. Even teach someone at home how to work the tools.
Posted by Aaron Rog On 04 March, 2015 at 8:46 AM  

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