Staff Honored

Staff Honored for "Bridge" from Lyseth to Lyman Moore
Posted on 02/24/2015
Staff Honored

Teacher Nancy Smith and educational technician Simon Williams from Lyseth and Lyman Moore teachers David Hilton and Caroline Foster were honored at the School Board’s regular meeting. They came up with a new community event to help create and foster more community between the two schools.

A parent, Cheryl Denis, was also recognized for her work in promoting and facilitating the event.

“Lyseth’s Bridge to Moore, a showcase of two schools, one campus, one community,” was held on Feb. 11 at the schools’ campus.

Lyseth and Lyman Moore families, along with the North Deering community, were invited see the great things the schools and kids have been doing and how they are bridging the two schools to enhance learning opportunities.

“We recognize them tonight for their collaborative work with each other as well as with members and organizations within their school community,” said Jeanne Crocker, Director of School Management for the Portland Public Schools, at the School Board meeting.