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School Safety

Lockers, desks and other school storage facilities are school property, and remain under the control, custody, and supervision of the school even when they are assigned to individual students.  Students have no expectation of privacy in school storage facilities or for any items placed in such facilities.  School officials have the authority to inspect and search storage facilities and their contents on a random basis, with or without reasonable suspicion, and without notice or consent.  School officials may also search students’ wallets, purses, backpacks, pockets, and other property when they have a reasonable suspicion that the search will reveal evidence that the student has violated or is violating the law, school board policies, and/or school rules.  Illegal and/or prohibited items such as firearms, weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, stolen property, or other items determined to be a threat to the safety or security of the school will be seized and the student’s parent/guardian notified.  Evidence will be forwarded to law enforcement officials, even if the search was initiated for school purposes.  Students in possession of any of the above items are subject to immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

For more information please visit or refer to the following board policiy document:BoardDocs® LT-Questioning and Searches of Students.pdf

Using or possessing any weapon, fireworks, explosive, or any article that might be injurious to person or property or that might constitute as a look-alike article or weapon is strictly prohibited.  Students using or possessing weapons will be immediately suspended and referred to the police department.  The School Board, who may recommend expulsion, will submit a report to the superintendent of schools for review.

For more information please visit or refer to the following board policy document: BoardDocs® LT- Weapons, Violence and School Safety.pdf